Fun & Cosy Christmas Dinner of QLD Universities Alumni !

The month of December is always a festive month of fun, celebrations, gatherings and dinners leading up to the Christmas period. This year, it was no exception and it takes on a bigger significance since the year 2009 was a very difficult year for everybody, things had started to turn and change for the better slightly and slowly.


The University of Queensland Alumni Association of Singapore, UQAAS, organised and led a fun and cosy Christmas Dinner event with other universities from the state of Queensland at the Sheraton Towers Singapore. The night was filled with great food, nice and cosy atmosphere with interesting games organised by the Ex-Co, starting with an interesting ice-breaker “local landmarks style” to form groups, gathering graduates from different eras together, followed by an Aussie / Queenslander  quiz for all to take on together with all teams getting the same score lines !


Lastly, the highlight of the games/activities segment, a beer drinking competition from the 3 different groups, each with a lady and gentleman to drink down the beer in the fastest time. Individual lady and gentleman winner from the beer drinking took home a special surprise gift of a sponsored bottle of wine from one of fellow alumni graduate, Mr Frankie Tan.


Was it the end of the fun ? Oh no, Eric took the lead and got more excess beer cans and the rest of the crowds joined in for the fun of beer drinking to see who was the fastest beer drinker without the prize !! The atmosphere was fun, the spirit was great and lively and we left for home with chocolate goodies. For more photos of our wonderful and fun and cosy Christmas Dinner, do check out the photos on Flickr !


Well done UQAAS Ex-Co for this wonderful Christmas Dinner !! Wishing all the alumni members from QLD state a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !


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