Grandmother’s Birthday Celebrations Dinner

My (maternal) grandmother celebrated her birthday celebrations today on the 25th November and there was a big family gathering consisting of 4 generations coming down together for a porridge buffet at Quality Hotel. It was really fun to meet my cousins and great to chit chat again, and also catching up with my uncles and aunties.

The cousins and nieces sat at different tables, thus allowing my uncles and aunties to be with Grandmother. She’s getting old in age and this was something that we could all do for her, after eating the dinner, most of us were walking around, taking photos, chatting away, playing with the young nieces.

Due to the size of the extended family network and none of us bringing a tripod, we had to split into 2 generations taking group photographs before taking family photographs. With my experience in events and wedding photography, it wasn’t too difficult for me and I also helped with my cousins and uncles digital cameras too !

Happy Birthday Grandma !

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