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If you recall, I wrote about my adventures at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 and Sun set in the East ??

Now, it’s time to present to all readers here, my project with Espoir Bridal, a passionate photography and videography company led by the extremely passionate and talented Dave Koh. I was invited by Dave to help him in this mega photography project for a pre-wedding shoot. 4 locations, 3 photographers, 3 cars and with a total crew of 9 people.

It was a great honour to be part of this special photoshoot and I am now assisting Espoir Bridal in my capacity as a consultant, marketing and 2nd photographer. Please do drop by into Dave’s Blog on Espoir Bridal and have a read about our wonderful and fun time during the entire photoshoot.

If anyone of you is keen to explore photography and videography projects (wedding, events, advertorials) with Espoir Bridal, please do not hesitate to contact Dave, especially if you are like the idea of 3 photographers combo portfolio photoshoot.

The portfolio of this particular photoshoot would be uploaded appropriately when the permission and clearance is given by the couple. However, I am releasing a few photographs of our crew in action.

Sit back relax and enjoy the photos !


  1. Thank you for helping us.
    If not for you we would have missed many great shots.

  2. Thanks for the opportunity given to me, look foward to working together more regularly on projects !

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