Happy New Year 2016 !

Happy New Year 2016 !! 


I was at Marina Bay Singapore to photograph the New Year Eve 2016 Countdown fireworks to usher in and welcome the New Year 2016! Here is one photograph from the fireworks that I managed to shot last night and there were a lot of smoke that stagnated and remained still in the air while the fireworks were continuing to light and fire up into the Marina Bay skyline, thus many shots were engulfed in smoke!

I would also like to take this time to reflect on my photography and travel in the year 2015, it had been a very eventful and significant year, a newspaper feature on Straits Times, producing my first photo book, Hokkaido Black and White Landscapes and getting more involved in the area of heritage, history, conservation, preservation and arts. While I didn’t take as many photographs as previous years mainly due to heavy workload and partly due to choosing specific fields/subjects of photography to shoot, more personal than just mass shooting.

Travel for me in 2015 was just a trip to China for business trip visit to factories and industry exhibitions. I didn’t have a holiday leisure trip that I wanted and planned to do. That showed how busy I was with work matters in year 2015. I was hoping to capture more stunning Hokkaido landscapes again in 2015 but I had to push it back. I really need to plan my travel plans, to give me the time to relax and relive the stress and pressure from my work and society.

I might be a like a broken tape recorder, however, I have to say this again. I am very thankful, grateful and blessed with all my family, friends and supporters who accompanied me in my photography journeys over the years, with their opportunities, support, endorsements, blessings and well wishes.

Thank you, Thank you so much, I deeply appreciate it, from the bottom of my heart!

Onward towards a New Year 2016! A New Hope! Time to write new chapters in my photography journeys and adventures for Year 2016!

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  1. More adventure for 2016. Come join me for short trips

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