Personal Time on Boxing Day Sunset

A long weekend holiday, starting with Christmas Day on Friday, I was having high hope that I can enjoy my long weekend with my own leisure activities. Instead, it turned into rest and recovery for me on Friday and Saturday, while I was physically tired out, suffering from fatigue, the worst enemy was my mental exhaustion. I realised that it had drained me out pretty badly over the year 2015 and not having a real and proper holiday break away from all these things placed me into burnt out mode with physical fatigue.

On a Saturday afternoon, after another day of rest, I decided to head out for my personal time and a time with my camera. The Boxing Day afternoon was beautiful, the late afternoon blue skyline, the white fluffy clouds. I knew I that I would be able to capture blue sky, white clouds and a nice sunset today.


The time spent alone with my camera was therapeutic, I can’t describe it more in words. While I had a number of photographs from my personal time on Boxing Day sunset, I would just choose one photo from the batch to share it here. Sunsets never fail to mesmerise me, it’s one of my favourite time and that I like to photograph, especially when the weather is great to produce some awesome sunset scenes.

The sunset rays shining through the clouds, on the ocean, illuminating the background orange in colour. The gorgeous sunset, the sunset rays that shine through, relaxed my mind, my thoughts, my soul. This was something I badly needed and this is something very unique and powerful that photography provides me with.

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