Home Store-ies Photography Exhibition

The Singaporeans storeroom is a unique feature, lifestyle and forms an integral part of our lifestyle today. To many of us, it seems very uninteresting, boring and messy, especially for some of us when we looked at our own storeroom. Have it ever occurred to you how does your friends or strangers storerooms look like? Are you curious about it? Are their storeroom like yours?


Zinkie, a very talented photographer friend, embarked on a personal photography project to photograph and document the photographs and stories behind the storerooms in Singaporeans home. There were 20 photography works on display at The Arts House 1 Old Parliament Lane Singapore 179429 from 3 April – 17 April 2015 10am – 10pm (17 April: Till 12PM).  Zinkie’s photography works can be pretty abstract at times, yet, her Home Store-ies Photography Exhibition is a little bit abstract yet you can sense and relate the stories behind the photographs, the human touch in them.



If you are interested to know and see what kind of things are being stored in other peoples’ storerooms, drop by The Arts House and visit Home Store-ies Photography Exhibition!

Do check out Zinkie’s works on her website and Facebook page!

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