Points of Departure Photography Exhibition

Do you remember the places and surroundings that you grew up with 10, 20, 30, 4o years ago and beyond? What was it like last time and how different is it compared with today’s environment? At this very interesting and special photography exhibition titled “Points of Departure” by fellow photographer friend Juria Toramae (capturing all the photographs that you can see in the exhibition) in collaboration with another photographer friend of mine, Jerome Lim (who did the sound installation), Points of Departure seeks to explore and share about the experiences that the people faced in relation to their memories of their surroundings, the familiarity and displacement, and what was documented, kept and remembered.


I visited the Points of Departure Exhibition recently, supporting my photographer friends Juria and Jerome. The works were very interesting and unique, a combination of old photograph on current climate and landscapes. What used to be there, the sea activities and lifestyle, where have they gone to and how different is it compared to the current climate today? I remembered looking at my parents black and white photographs when they went exploring some of the islands in Singapore, the activities that they do during those days and how much changes it has gone through, the culture, the activities. When I looked at the various photographs on display at Points of Departure, I was kind of brought back in time to my parents time when they were young adults, their leisure and recreational activities with the seas and beaches of Singapore. Things have changed so much over the years!



Points of Departure Photography Exhibition is now currently on display at The Promenade, Level 10, National Library Building Singapore from 1st to 28th April 2015. More information can be found on their website and Facebook Page! Do drop by and visit the Points of Departure Photography Exhibition! It is definitely an eye-opener to see the old and current photographs coming together!

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