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iFly Singapore, this is one of the world’s largest indoor skydiving simulators, at a height of 56.5ft and width of 16.5ft, located at Siloso Beach on the sunny island of Sentosa. Founded in 2011, iFly Singapore had come a long way since her founding and she had been making good growth and expansion in their business along with their record breaking achievements and outreach programs to the schools and general public. I was recently invited to iFly Singapore media Christmas Party 2013, it was a fun event with lots of skydiving performances by the children and adults! Mr Lawrence Koh, Founder and Managing Director of iFly Singapore was sharing with us about iFly Singapore’s milestones, achievements and results during the past 3 years.



This was my first visit to iFly Singapore, even though I passed by this place a few times when I was in Sentosa. It was a pretty impressive indoor skydiving simulator and I hope to try out indoor skydiving next time when I visit again! At the iFly Singapore Christmas Party event, the skydivers were taking turns to fly/skydive inside the skydiving simulator! There were quite a number of young children too who were absolutely great in skydiving, somersaulting inside the wind tunnel, wonderful performances and breaking Guinness World of Records along with their adult counterparts!



iFly Singapore has big expansion and promotional plans for 2014 and one of their plans is to start expanding into Singapore’s education and sports sectors for the young ones with their Sports Education Programme. I personally find it very meaningful and a great idea to combine science with sporting activities and outdoor recreation for the young children. Not only can the young children learn about science, physics and aerodynamics, the young children can also pick up the sport and lead an active meaningful healthy lifestyle through skydiving! Learning a science subject by participating in a sports that teach you all of that and still having fun and being active sounds like a great combination to me! I hope to see more young children to be part of iFly Sports Education Programme!



iFly Singapore is also planning to launch their membership programme early next year 2014, providing a more attractive package for regular flyers who are considering taking up indoor skydiving more seriously. They are offering the proFLYER Basic and proFLYER Premium Membership Packages and do check out their website for more details and updates! If you are keen to start indoor skydiving with iFly Singapore, do check out their iFly Singapore Membership Packages!

iFly Singapore Membership Packages proFLYER Basic proFLYER Premium
Published Rate SGD $999/- SGD $7800/-
Early Bird (valid till 31st March 2014) SGD $899/- (Usual Price SGD $1,375/-) SGD $7500/- (Usual Price SGD $10,600/-)
Total Skydives Entitlement 20 Skydives – 90s per skydive, Off Peak timing only. 200 Skydives – 90s per skydive, Off peak timing only.
Top Up Rate Subsequent purchase of every block of skydives: SGD $700/-

For upgrade of usage to normal timing, for every block of 20 skydives plus SGD $250/-

Subsequent purchase of every block of skydives: SGD $575/-

For upgrade of usage to normal timing, for every block of 20 skydives plus SGD $200/-

Validity of Membership 12 Months 12 Months

For more information on iFly Singapore, here are their links

iFly Singapore

iFly Singapore Facebook Page

I would like to thank iFly Singapore and Cohn & Wolfe XPR for the invitation to iFly Singapore Christmas Party event!

*Information above courtesy of iFly Singapore and Cohn & Wolfe XPR* 

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  1. 20 skydives for about 1,000 $? That’s not cheap! Anyone enthusiastic enough could consume that rather fast.
    But I guess they consume a lot of power generating that “push wind” from below…

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