A Visit to N.E.mation! 8 – The Making of Adventures

The Final Top 10 teams, in their final 3 weeks of intense preparation to produce their animation clip for N.E.mation! 8 theme – “Because You Played A Part”. The N.Emation! Competition is an annual inter-school competition animation competition for students from secondary schools, junior colleges and centralized institute(s) to express their thoughts on Total Defence. The theme this year is “30 Years of Total Defence: Because You Played A Part”, Singapore today, we enjoyed stability, security, peace and prosperity. All these will not be possible without everyone’s effort that played a part in building up our nation, Singapore, our home today! We went through bad times and good times and every one of us played a part to overcome challenges and celebrate our success together with every one of us here.

 The N.E.mation! Journey starts from the Top 100 teams that were shortlisted for 1-week selection, followed by the 1st cut in a 1 week selection, down to the Top 40 teams, thereafter a 2nd cut in a 1 week selection, down to the Top 20 teams and finally, the final cut to the Top 10 teams. The Top 10 teams will go through a 3 weeks production to produce their animations.

I was invited down to visit the Top 10 teams of N.E.mation! 8 during their 2nd week to have a look behind the scenes of the Top 10 teams in their making of adventures! It was a very fun time that I spent there chatting with the young students from the various schools, learning more about their animation themes, what techniques they were using, their progress so far in their 3 weeks production. All the Teams are special and unique in their own ways and ideas; you can spot their creativity, talents and teamwork inside them, mentored by the instructors of Animagine. The N.E.mation! 8 this time promises to be 10 different unique animation productions and I am looking forward to viewing the animation productions of the Top 10 teams when they finally complete and submit it!

When I was chatting to the young boys and girls from the Top 10 teams of N.E.mation! 8, they don’t have prior knowledge or experience in animation or using animation production software. You will be amazed when you see how much they can produce and showcase from their 3 weeks of animation production. Having been involved and being part of N.E.mation! for the past 2 series, I am confident they N.E.mation! 8 is going to bring the level of animation production to greater heights! Each team has a unique storyline to share and tell, I encourage every one of you to Play A Part too! Visit each Team from the Top 10 teams of N.E.mation! 8, read their stories and adventures, encourage them to keep on preserving and get ready to view their animation productions! Remember to share about the N.E.mation! 8 Top 10 teams happenings, news and adventures with your family, loved ones and friends too!

Let me introduce to you the Top 10 teams of N.E.mation! 8

Team Alpacalypse – CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School


Theme: Greater Heights

Synopsis: Everyone has to do their part to achieve greater heights. Story shows how Singaporeans played a part in die rent Singapore campaigns and events (e.g., baby bonus, haze, clean & green Singapore, curry incident, National Day Parade) through a song “To a greater height”.

You can follow Team Alpacalypse updates here –




Hash tag: #NE8C01

Team Dairy Products – School of the Arts


Theme: Reframe, Don’t Refrain

Synopsis: This clip uses frames to show how Singaporeans can step out of their comfort zones to play their part in ghting dengue and help one another.

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Hash tag: #NE8C02

Team Delta-Gaytors – CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School


Theme: Prison “Break”

Synopsis: This clip shows the life story of a business man who was succumbed to bribery. But he was caught and imprisoned soon after. He repented and managed to pick himself up with the help of the Yellow Ribbon Project and became successful with a new business setup. He then pays it forward to help others.

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Hash tag: #NE8C03

Team Hashtag – School of Science and Technology Singapore


Theme: Every Man’s Journey

Synopsis: This clip features the journey of a National Serviceman and how other people in his life have played a part in his journey and contributed to the 30 years of total defence.

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Hash tag: #NE8C04

Team Momento Mori – CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School


Theme: Keeping Watch

Synopsis: Uses parts of a watch as metaphor to show that every part are like Singaporeans, which are all important, no matter how small they may seem.

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Hash tag: #NE8C05

Team Partta Kappa – School of the Arts


Theme: It Takes More …

Synopsis: This clip uses silhouette play to bring attention to the less acknowledged roles which have been signicant in establishing the successful nation we have today.

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Hash tag: #NE8C06

Team Synch – Kent Ridge Secondary School


Theme: Because “I” Play A Part

Synopsis: This clip uses typography to illustrate and highlight the importance of “I” and its role in playing a part in many die rent Singapore campaigns and events like racial riots, yellow ribbon project, SARS and haze. 

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Hash tag: #NE8C07

Team The 4 Of Us II – Tanglin Secondary School


Theme: Unsung Heroes

Synopsis: True life accounts of three Singaporeans who have played a part in contributing to TD (i.e., Chinese student relating her story on how her family gave food to a Malay neighbour who lost his job before Hari Raya, Josiah from “While it was hazy” giving out liang teh and free masks, NSF 2LT Kamalasivam relating how he saved his recruit from a grenade incident).

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Hash tag: #NE8C08

Team Unicorns and Rainbows;) – Orchid Park Secondary School


Theme: Enlightenment

Synopsis: This clip shows that one can inuence others to do their part and anyone can contribute to society, regardless of age. It uses colour/grayscale to highlight nice small actions done by Singaporeans in dierent situations (e.g., SARS, donations, giving up seat on train).

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Hash tag: #NE8C09

Team WAYNE STARK CO – Methodist Girls’ School


Theme: Quilted Together

Synopsis: This clip uses quilt patches as a metaphor to show how Singaporeans come together and play their part for Singapore based on their dierent talents and passion. By adding their “patches to the quilt, they are strengthening it, just like how Singapore’s social fabric becomes stronger as more people play their part.

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Hash tag: #NE8C10

It has been a fun time following, supporting and being a part of N.E.mation!, from the 6th edition to the current 8th edition. Over the years, I had seen some great artistic and creative talents showcased by our younger generations. I wish all the Top 10 teams of N.E.mation! 8 – Good Luck and All The Best! Great job and Well Done!

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* Top 10 Teams information and details courtesy of N.E.mation! *

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