Lomography recently introduced the new LOMO’INSTANT SAN SEBASTIÁN EDITION to their Lomo’Instant family. For everybody who love film photography, having fun and taking photographs, let me share with you more information on the new LOMO’INSTANT SAN SEBASTIÁN EDITION from the press release!

Lomo'Instant San Sebastian Edition

The latest LOMO’INSTANT SAN SEBASTIÁN EDITION is inspired by the Basque City’s stunning beaches, wild waves and beautiful sunsets. As a traveler, we love our travel experiences, wanting to keep photos of our beautiful travel memories. The bold, colourful and most creative instant camera ever, the LOMO’INSTANT SAN SEBASTIÁN EDITION is here to be part of your travel photography experiences!


With its easy-to-use features for maximum creative freedom, the Lomo’Instant is the perfect instant companion for everyone – from novices to photography pros!

  • Built-in wide-angle lens with additional Fisheye, Close-Up and Portrait lens
  • Shoot with the flash on or off
  • Unlimited multiple exposures
  • Infinite long exposures for light painting and night-time shooting
  • Color flash gels in red, blue, purple, and yellow
  • Easy 2-step focusing
  • The perfect size to take wherever you go
  • Uses widely available Fujifilm Instax Mini film

For more information on the Lomo’Instant cameras, check out their micro-website –

If you are keen to own the Lomo’Instant San Sebastian edition package, visit their online shop –

Camera Specifications

Film Format: Fujifilm Instax Mini Film

Exposure Area: 42mm x 64mm

Shutter Speed: 1/125s / Bulb

Apertures: f/8, f/11 f/16, f/22, f/32

Ejection Mechanism: Motorized

Multiple Exposures: Yes

Built-in Flash GN: 9(m)

Automatic Flash Output: Yes

Battery Supply: 6V (4x AAA batteries)

Tripod mount: Yes

Cable Release Mount: Yes

*Information and picture courtesy of Lomography Southeast Asia*

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