Is it safe to travel overseas for holidays ?

In the recent days, there was an outbreak of a flu, known as the swine flu, causing a worldwide alert and countries to take immediate action to prepare for any pandemic outbreak worldwide.

It had caused a lot of commotion and it currently looks like a situation more serious than the SARS, nevertheless, we all must be vigilant and take the necessary precautions. BBC News has a great site on the flu outbreak, latest news and information on the Q&A of the flu virus.

The holiday period is coming up and I am also in the midst of planning for a trip overseas. However, with this current flu outbreak, it is a big question mark and we do not know how widespread or damaging this flu can transformed into. 

I am wondering if it is safe to travel overseas for holidays ? I would love to have a overseas holiday break …….


  1. I would say it is safest to discuss with your travel agent about the place you want to go. It might be best not to though. Wait a couple of weeks before you are likely to come across an infected person at an airport or something.

  2. Oh no I am going to Thailand, but still long, coming July. I guess by then only 2 things might happen. Either it is under controlled or it get out of control!

    No matter what I will still go! Just be healthy =)


  3. Author

    Hi Emm

    Yeah, better to check around with the travel agencies and news around the world before making a decision !

    I would hold back for a few weeks and see how it goes !

    Thanks for dropping by !

  4. Author

    Hi Jack

    Cool ….. going Thailand in July !

    The situation might be under control during that time ! Have a nice holiday in Thailand !

  5. One thing I have learned since I’ve gotten older and this is to have a healthy immune system. If it is healthy, then is is very difficult for viruses in invade the system. You think about taking Probiotics which are good bacteria. It can be taken in pill form or through a dairy product but that name has slipped my memory. Sorry! Hopefully your plans will not be altered to due some outbreak.

    Friends 4 Life!

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