What’s your Photography Gear List ?

I came across this site, Geavity, a site that allows you to list your photography gear, share and network with fellow photographers who have the same or similar list of camera gear.

This is my list of current Photography arsenal and also my wish list of future camera equipment !

Do add this widget to your blog too and let’s all share and network on photography equipment !


  1. Author


    I have been planning to upgrade and get a 2nd hand professional 1D Mk II DSLR for my sports photography !

    Thanks for your advice, let’s see if any advertiser is willing to sponsor me ! 😉

  2. I’m a Photojournalism student and I am wondering who and how to approach advertisers in order to receive sponsors. I’ve looked for sponsors before but have not had much success.

  3. Author

    Hi lj

    Sponsorship can be tricky and difficult, nevertheless, don’t give up, keep on trying !

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