Jason & Fenny Wedding Lunch – Raffles City Ballroom on 25th November 2006

25th November 2006 would be a rather special day in my life. I got to attend 2 weddings in 1 day, lunch and dinner. From my earlier posting, the wedding dinner was my UQ juniors Alvin and Liz @ Raffles Marina.

As for the wedding lunch , the honour goes to my Cousin Jason and Fenny ! 1st time I attended wedding lunch and it was an eye-opener. There were quite a number of our cousins getting married in the past year. Probably there might (will) be a gap after Cousin Jason’s wedding lunch ……….

Managed to contact Jason as he was in honeymoon land somewhere out there for 2 weeks (I think diving somewhere), had a chat and got his permission to write and post some selected photographs on my blog ! Cheers, Cousin Jason ! I would be dropping by their new love nest, pass them their photo CD and view their cosy home.

Cousin Joel & Lydia

The wedding lunch was very similar to his brother , Joel when he held his wedding dinner in 2005. Cousin Joel and Lydia were there too and they were having lots of fun around mingling with friends and relatives. It was really great to see relatives and cousins gathering together for a joyous event.

I had lots of fun taking photos for Cousin Jason and Fenny, as I did for Cousin Joel and Lydia, using a (their) Nikon DSLR and my own Canon DSLR setup. Really challenging and fun with 2 DSLRs swinging left and right on my shoulders. It was fun debating on which brand of camera is the best with Albert , the Official Wedding Photographer (who was using the Olympus DSLR), serious photographers (semi-pro or professional or hardcore supporter) always strive to find the certain “elements” to make their photographs better (something we photographers ourselves know) and it is more than just comparing camera equipments and setup.

Alright , enough of my photography philosophy preaching …..


  1. Hi Cousin Joel, thanks for leaving a “mark” here …..

    Saw yr pics and posting too ! Nice pics !

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