Christmas Dinner Gathering at Nick & Shirley Home on 22 December 2006

My best friend, Nick , knew him from our days together in Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scout Group (since 1990), invited me to a Chirstmas gathering along with his other JC and Uni friends. Nick and Shirley prepared a wonderful feast for all of us there and we had a great time eating and eating.

Great to catch up with friends during the festive season, as we are always so caught up in our working life and sometimes, we don’t spend enough time with our friends. We just have to tell ourselves to make our lifestyle more balanced, instead of being overly work oriented.

After the feast , we played board games brought by Wilson. For somebody who hasn’t played many board games for many years, it was refreshing and all the people there had lots of fun playing.

Last but not least, we had a christmas gift exchange and I got a puzzle game on managing traffic control situations by Sam, still haven’t figure out how to play it yet, might take a while though … Some of us stayed back and we had coffee, sitting around and chit chating.

I had a really really wonderful time and I would like to thank Nick & Shirley for being really wonderful and awesome hosts, with outstanding and unforgettable hospitality services.

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