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Joe Riis, a National Geographic Photographer, was recently in Singapore to share his knowledge and experiences in an exclusive seminar, as well as conducting photography workshops too. I wasn’t able to attend his photography workshops due to work commitments, however I was blessed that I was able to attend his exclusive photography seminar. Joe is an amazing National Geographic Photographer, very inspiring and I loved this photography works and passion. Joe is in Singapore to share about the EOS Young Photographers Award by National Geographic Channel and Canon. For further details, you can check out my earlier post here on EOS Young Photographers Award.

What’s the EOS Young Photographers Award about? Here’s a short summary

“The heart of this inaugural region-wide EOS Young Photographer Awards initiative between Canon and the National Geographic Channel is to inspire youths across Asia to take an active interest in the creative arts and know more about the science of photography. Through this contest, both organizations hope to encourage the young generation to discover and pursue their passion in photography. In addition to the Young Photographer Awards competition, there will also be a seminar given by Joe Riis, an esteemed photographer from the National Geographic who will be sharing his photography experiences and provide some tips for photography enthusiasts.”

For more information on the EOS Young Photographer Awards, please visit

The photography seminar was held at LASALLE College of the Arts and it was a great turnout by the young aspiring photographers and the older ones as well. Joe’s sharing was awesome and inspiring, we can sensed and see his passion for photography, wildlife conservation and projects, from his photographs, National Geographic assignments and travels to many different parts of the world. Joe shared his various assignments and how he made a difference, an impact that helped the wildlife, in protection and conservation.

One of his sharing was the Pronghorn Migration, that struck me a lot. Do check out his photos of the Pronghorn Migration here on his website, Joe showed the world how his research, observation, photography and education helped the Pronghorn Migration by getting an animal overpass built for the Pronghorn antelopes thus reducing fatalities. Here’s the news on National Geographic titled “Animal Overpass helps Pronghorn Survives A Dangerous Migration“. From Joe’s sharing of the Pronghorn Migration, it took him a few years to observe, photograph, share and present his findings, thus getting the local authorities to build an animal overpass for the Pronghorn antelopes.

As Joe shared more of his photography adventures, it was really amazing. Joe is an inspiration for all photographers and especially for the younger photographers. His passion, determination and how he approached his photography was very interesting, unique and useful for budding young photographers. Joe uses a landscape view approach to capture images of the wildlife and the relationship with the environment. It’s a beautiful combination of great wildlife photographs together with great landscape photography. Joe moved away from the telephoto style of capturing wildlife photography and his wide angle landscape capture of wildlife animals with the beautiful landscape is simply amazing and inspiring. You have to visit his websites to view his beautiful photography works. Joe shared some photography tips for the attendees at the seminar too!


If you’d like to find out more about Joe Riis, please visit the following websites/links

– Follow Joe Riis on Twitter: Joe Riis

Joe Riis website

After the seminar, I had a short gathering session with Joe Riis, courtesy of National Geographic Channel and Tactic PR. There were a few of us and we had a short up close and personal session with Joe Riis. That was where I got to know more about his perspective on using the wide angle landscape view to capture both wildlife animals and the environment.


Photo Courtesy of Jerome Lim 

It was a really wonderful and awesome experience to listen from a inspiring and very talented National Geographic Photographer. Since I am a fan of National Geographic and my photography journey was heavily influenced/shaped by National Geographic, I am sure Joe Riis will be an excellent role model and inspiration for the Young EOS Photographers Awards. If you are a Young budding photographers within the ages of 13 to 25 years, do check out EOS Young Photographer Awards, please visit and Go For It!

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