A Morning With Coca-Cola’s Heritage

Coca-Cola, one of the most iconic and distinctive brand in the world, it’s also the most loved brand in the world today! I am a Coca-Cola fan, loved the beverage and the history of Coca-Cola collectibles, interesting and unique. Recently, I was invited by Ogilvy Public Relations for a casual meet with Ted Ryan, Director of Heritage Communications over a breakfast session at the Shangri-La Hotel, I was delighted and accepted the invitation.


Being a Coca-Cola fan, I was always fascinated to know the secret formula of the Coca-Cola drink, loved their bottle designs and their collectibles. It was a great informal session with Ted, whereby he shared a lot about his Coca-Cola heritage work, traveling around the world and meeting with Coca-Cola fans. This was also a time to know more about the Coca-Cola brand name, history and timeline, the title is “The Story of The Most LOVED Brand on the planet“. From this casual session, I got to know more about Coca-Cola through the interesting quiz with attractive Coca-Cola gifts as prizes! Besides Coca-Cola, I learned about the other beverages under Coca-Cola, do check out Coca-Cola Singapore website and you can see the various beverages under Coca-Cola! During the sharing, Ted shared about the history and heritage of Coca-Cola in Singapore and it goes a long way back to 1936, check out this link for more details!


There was also a charity auction during the casual meet, some of the Coca-Cola collectibles were auctioned off and bid by the guests. For the Coca-Cola collectors, it was definitely something that would love to add to their own private collection! While I did not buy or bid for any Coca-Cola collectibles, I would definitely be looking out for them when I travel overseas! During my travel to Japan in 2004, I can still recall walking into a shop in Harajuku, Tokyo, showcasing/selling Coca-Cola collectibles and nothing else!


Mr Ted Ryan with a Coca-Cola collectible

It’s pretty amazing and fascinating to learn and know more about the branding and reputation of the Coca-Cola brand name worldwide. Here are some useful Coca-Cola links that you might be interested in to find out more about Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola Facebook Page

Coca-Cola Singapore

Coca-Cola Singapore Twitter


Photograph Courtesy of Renhao


Photograph Courtesy of Renhao

I would be scouting and looking around for interesting Coca-Cola collectibles around the world and slowly add them to my small humble collection (consisting of a few Coca-Cola glasses).

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