Lancer Evolution X – Official Lauch @ National Stadium

The Lancer Evolution X, coming from a strong generation of powerful and famous WRC sports cars of the Evolution family. Today, on the 16th February 2008, it was officially launched in Singapore and they even had their official site for the Lancer Evolution X !

Before the official launch, there were Mitsubishi Cars Owners display, whereby they were given the red carpet treatment and shown to the public when they drove up the ramp and elevated stand, photographed along with local race queens.

This event was held at National Stadium East Entrance and they had the open air compound barricaded for stunt demonstrations by Group N Rally Driver Katsuhiko Taguchi and I remembered vividly when he came down on 14th May 2005, Taguchi San was also in Singapore to help launch Evolution IX at the Kallang People Association compound. It was a great spectacle to watch live drifting actions with the tyres “burning” and smoke coming out from the tyres.

There were also 3 very beautiful, lovely and kawaii Japanese Race Queens and they sure do attract a lot of attention and head turners there. There were quite a lot of photographers standing on the steps of East Entrance of National Stadium and if you were there looking at how many of the camera flashes were firing off at the same time, it was an awesome sight, like press photography shoot !

The Japanese Race Queens sure made the whole event gaga over them besides the main attraction of the Lancer Evolution X and while there were still many photographers snapping away their beautiful photos, Taguchi San was busy drifting around the compound for Singaporeans who won the lucky draws to sit inside the Lancer Evolution X and driven by Taguchi San ! The 3 kawaii Japanese Race Queens hopped into the Lancer Evolution X too at a later time, for a grand finale before bringing the Official Launch to a close.

Enjoyed my time taking photographs of Fast Sports Cars and Race Queens ! It’s time to plan for another car photoshoot soon……

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