Merry Christmas 2017!

Today is Christmas Day 2017, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas 2017! Happy holidays and have a great time with your family, loved ones and friends!

Sending this cute photo shot with a Canon EOSM6 review camera, with my nieces cute dog Coby posing for the camera, with the decorations courtesy from Instagram stories app. Please support these 2 cute Pekingese dogs Coby and Choya Instagram account!

My photography and travel website/blog here has been a bit quiet for the month of December, I had been reflecting, wrapping up year 2017 and planning for year 2018. I would share more updates when the time is ripe!

I would also like to say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart to the group of people for your huge support and encouragement during this difficult and tough year 2017 (that started in year 2016)!

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