Mobile Leisure Lifestyle with SONY VAIO W

The world of mobile networking had improved significantly over the years, gone were years ago whereby small laptops were expensive and relatively heavy too. Information technology and innovation had witnessed the birth of a new series of small laptops known as notebooks or netbooks.


Today, as I promised to my readers in my earlier post, presenting to everybody, the SONY VAIO W, a photojournalistic journey into a mobile leisure lifestyle with SONY VAIO W. The technical aspects and first review of the SONY VAIO W had been documented in my personal blog and do drop by to check out my Review Part One !

Nowadays, people are always on the move, with their notebooks or netbooks, armed with their high tech mobile phones or smartphones, MP3 players or portable game consoles. Being a person that is always on the move, the SONY VAIO W fits in nicely into my active lifestyle, at 1.19kg, it’s light, handy and slots nicely into various bags !


The SONY VAIO W slots in nicely into my leather bag, when I do not need to carry too many things out and this leather bag allows me to carry the SONY VAIO W along with my other high tech accessories and personal belongings. Overall, it doesn’t feel heavy too !


Due to my various photography equipment and demands of the photography shoot (leisure or projects), it would usually be packed with my following photography equipment

– Canon 30D

– EF 17-40mm F4 L USM

– EF 70-200mm F4 L USM

– Sigma DG 500 Super

– Spare batteries, CF Cards, cables and cleaning cloth

Besides that, I would be bringing water along for my photography shoot, with all those equipment packed inside my backpack. With all the equipment, it’s quite heavy and with a 12inch or 14inch laptop, it makes the backpack even heavier. With the SONY VAIO W, it not only slots in nicely into my backpack, it also serves as a good traveling notebook to store photos taken, surf the internet while resting or when traveling from places to places, locally or holidays overseas.

Now ….. would you like to own a SONY VAIO W ? 😉


  1. *drools*

    even though i have a EEE, i still want one… 😛

  2. hello there, thank you for visiting my blog.. cool blog.. you love photo shoot huh.. wow, that is my passion as well. but really don’t have camera now, need to saved for that…

  3. hello there,thank you for visiting my blog.. and hope we can exchange links, would you?

  4. I’d like to have such a notebook on my traveling package. It’s great for people who like traveling.

  5. Thanks for post. It’s really informative stuff.
    I really like to read.Hope to learn a lot and have a nice experience here!


  6. Author

    Hi Xinyun

    This SONY VAIO W is indeed enticing, light weight & powerful for its size & specs ! Good for traveling too !

  7. Author

    Hi Tim

    Thank you for dropping by too ! Yes, I love photography !

    I do link exchange, would email & liase with you soon !

  8. Author

    Hi Costa Rica Luxury

    Notebooks are improving over time and does have its advantages over laptops ! Worth a consideration !

  9. Author

    Hi iWalk

    It’s indeed a light weight & nice notebook, great for travel ! Good to own it !

  10. Author

    Hi topwallpapers

    Thank you for dropping by ! Glad that you find my post informative ! Hope you enjoy reading my other posts too !

  11. Sounds like my type of computer, I truly prefer notebooks over laptops anytime

  12. Author

    Hi MM

    Great ! It’s a cool notebook to have & own !

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