Must Try Food : House of Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice, a dish, that is sometimes an integral part of Singapore’s food culture and history, very popular and well liked by Singaporeans and tourists, therefore there are quite a number of chicken rice stalls in Singapore, spread all over the island. Therefore, how does the Chicken Rice stall stands out ?

First and foremost, let me introduce to this eatery known as House of Chicken Rice, popular among the white collar workers of Tanjong Pagar CBD area and among the locals too. They have the roasted chicken and steamed chicken varieties, both tasted very nice and delicious, especially the sauce that the cook/chef would pour on your chicken meat when they serve it to you. Therefore, they do have a steady queue of people eating their chicken rice and their chickens are usually sold out ! That’s how popular and nice the House of Chicken Rice is !

Their fried bean curd taste nice too and you can order them as an additional side dish to complement your chicken rice set, the spices of chili, sweet thick soya sauce, green ginger/garlic paste (if I analysed it correctly) along with their soup, it makes your chicken rice meal experience awesome and wanting to come back for more !

Do visit the House of Chicken Rice, the address is as follows :

Blk 8 Tanjong Pagar Plaza

#02- (would find the unit number & update again)

p/s: I like the steamed chicken rice set 🙂


  1. Not really nice as described, not worth it in my opinion.

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