Are You with me into Bank Anywhere with Citi Mobile Photo Contest ?

This is a paid advertorial post.

Are you Citibank Singapore in Facebook fan? If you are not a fan yet, look no further! Firstly join them now! Exciting games and prizes await you fans!

Look no further, how about taking photos, submit and stand a chance to win air tickets ? An opportunity to win A Trip to Anywhere in the World with Bank Anywhere Photo Contest! Doesn’t it sound exciting? All you have to do is snap a photo of an interesting place of unusual situation where you can bank with Citi Mobile, submit to Citibank Singapore in Facebook fan and rally your family, relatives and friends to vote for your submitted photo!

Being a photographer myself, let me share with you some tips and ideas on how to take photos with any mobile phone showing the Citi Mobile Home Page.

Tips and Ideas
(1) Look around for interesting and creative logos, signboards, words, sentences.
(2) Let your creative juices flow in your heart, observe and seek the theme through your eyes
(3) Think out of the box and you never know what interesting and unique photographs you would be able to compose
(4) Think of themes, sentences or quotes on how using Citi Mobile would help you when you are facing situations such as “I need to find a restaurant for my partner and thanks to Citi Mobile Gourmet Pleasures, everything is solved!”
(5) Don’t forget personal safety, be mindful of your surroundings when taking photographs for Citi Mobile Photo Contest
(6) Get another fellow friend to join in the fun too! Take photographs together and enter the contest together!
(7) Please remember to have the Citibank Singapore Mobile Login Page Screen included in your photograph submission when you shoot !
(8) Enjoy and have lots of fun using Citi Mobile!

I have submitted 3 photos to Citibank Singapore in Facebook, do check them out and remember to vote for me too! Drop me a note too and I would also vote for your photographs that you submit for the Bank Anywhere with Citi Mobile Photo Contest too!

What are you waiting for? See you there at Citibank Singapore in Facebook!

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  1. i am always interested to join photocontests specially if there is a great deal of price on it .:”

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