National Art Gallery Singapore Open House

2 historical buildings that formed a significant part of Singapore’s early history during her Colonial days under the British Empire and Singapore’s route towards her own independence. The former Supreme Court and City Hall (formerly known as Municipal Building) today stood the test of time and history, and today, these 2 Grand Old Ladies would be preserved and taken care of, as a Singapore’s heritage and history, transforming into National Art Gallery Singapore (working title) into a regional and international hub for visual arts.

The National Art Gallery Singapore Open House was held on  9th and 10th October and 16th and 17th October 2010. I visited the City Hall on the 9th October and the former Supreme Court on 16th October, it was nice for the public to gain access into such historical buildings of strong heritage, culture and history.

Former Supreme Court was the most interesting and intriguing for me, since I never been a court before and could only visualise in from the television dramas ! We were given permission to access some of the areas, Court Room 1, Supreme Court Balcony, Chief Justice’s Chambers and Rotunda Library, do check out their self-guided brochure here !

Stepping inside and touring the Former Supreme  Court, it was like entering the past, going back in time, a nostalgic feeling, intriguing too, with all the different court hearings that were held there. The preservation of this rich heritage would only serve the community better with stronger ties and history for the future generations.

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