My Half Year 2009 Photoblogging Reflection

The 1st half of 2009 is going to pass and we would be entering the 2nd half of 2009 soon. Reflecting back on my photoblogging and photography adventure for the 1st half of 2009, collecting my photo memories came in

(1) Traffic rank – improvement and on target, currently below 100k and striving to make it better and getting larger traffic in.

(2) Recognition – selected by XPR to be part of the LG Life is Viewty-ful Blogger Campaign and being part of the 10 photo bloggers selected to test and help PR and market the LG GC 900 Camera Phone. A great achievement and a testimonial to the efforts and amount of hard work put inside my blogging, internet marketing and social media networking and constantly improving my photography.

(3) Photography Improvements – Planning and seeking to learn studio photography, an area that I wasn’t able to learn from  Jeff Loo, my senior from my Dragon Scout Group and a mentor when I learned the tools and trade of freelance photography.

(4) Sports Photography with Coaching – My recent attachment with volleyball coach Jack in his recent tournament gave me a new direction, using sports photography and sports photojournalism to capture his players in competition, their movement and motion, thus, giving the coach on the finer points for his players to improve on.

(5) Photography trips – Still planning my major photography trip, Shangri-La photography adventure and hopefully Bhutan photography trip sometime soon.

Looking forward to my 2nd half of 2009 photography adventure !


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