Exclusive Sports Photoshoot @ BMSS Volleyball Invitation Tournament

Before the school reopens their new semester, I was invited by my volleyball coach friend Jack, to come down and cover an invitational volleyball tournament organised by Bukit Merah Secondary School, whereby he is currently coaching and training the boys and girls team at the moment.


When I got the news, there was excitement because it was an honour to cover the tournament and an opportunity to cover a sports event thus allowing me to build up my sports photography skills. Even though I had experience in capturing rugby union action and F1 racing, taking volleyball matches wasn’t that the same yet not too far off either, I had to experiment it for a while before getting the hang of taking volleyball in action !


The tournament was spread over 2 days, on 26th June for the boys invitation and 27th June for the girls invitation. These 2 days of tournament served as a form of training and development, on top of that, invaluable volleyball match experiences that will be beneficial to them, last but not least, when the boys were playing, the girls learned how to organise the logistics, planning and becoming referees and vice versa when the girls were playing.


Watching the matches gave me a good chance to capture the volleyball players in split second action using high speed shutter capture and this allows me to capture their moment in time, thus providing excellent training materials for coach Jack to bring to his volleyball boys and girls on the minor things that they need to take note of and by taking of those minor things, they will improve a lot in due time. Do check out more photos here at my Flickr !


These 2 days of tournament are not just about scores, winners or losers. All those who attended, played, enjoyed, learned and improved their volleyball skills and experience are WINNERS !


  1. Beach Volleyball as well as regular Volleyball is really fun and it is a good way to exercise your body too.**,

  2. when i was still younger i used to play volleyball near the beach front, what a great sport-‘`

  3. Author

    Hi Sofia

    Beach volleyball & regular volleyball, both are fun & great way to keep fit & healthy too!

  4. Author

    Hi Liam

    Glad to know that you used to play volleyball, hope you continue playing volleyball & have fun !

  5. my girlfriend really likes volleyball, we also enjoy playing volleyball each afternoon*`.

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