NDP 2008 – From the Esplanade Bridge Part 2

As the Marina Bay skyline turns dark, big birds of many beautiful different colours started sailing and flying to the Marina Bayfront, greeting the crowds around the Marina Bay area, celebrating our nation’s 43rd Birthday.


Right now, it was a patient wait for the finale, that many of us waiting and watching the National Day Parade at the sides were waiting for. I prepared my DSLR for fireworks mode, setting up my standard operating routine to take fireworks, making adjustments to my tripod, angle of inclination and wide angle view of the skyline whereby the fireworks would be shown. 
Soon, the moment of truth arrived. It was the start of a very beautiful series of fireworks, I always loved the opportunity to take fireworks whenever I had the chance and the NDP fireworks really gave the birthday celebrations a bright and happy finale ending ! 


However, the weather was not really kind to us on the Esplanade Bridge. The smoke didn’t clear and it got stuck there in the sky, some of the fireworks were engulfed by the smoke and the letter “S” wasn’t able to be seen from our point of view. I could only capture a glimpse of it, camouflaged by the thick smoke. 

3 different sets of fireworks, bringing the 43rd National Day Parade Celebrations to a close. A fitting and beautiful end to a wonderful birthday celebrations. The poor weather would not dampen our moods.

Hope everybody enjoyed the NDP 2008 !


  1. Great series of shots. I also checked out your flikr photos. Nice job.

  2. Hi embassy pro books,

    Thanks for your strong support ! Really appreciate it !

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