NDP 2013 (from Marina Promontory)

Singapore’s 48th Birthday Celebration on 9th August 2013 was celebrated with a traditional parade and celebration at the Floating Platform at Marina Bay, while I wasn’t able to get a ticket, I joined the action at the other end of the Marina Bay region, where the Marina Promontory is located, one of the good spots for watching and enjoying fireworks.


I went there early at around 3pm to choose my location for myself and 2 other friends, that came later. The weather at that time wasn’t good, half sunny, the other half was dark rain clouds that were threatening to rain anytime. DK soon came and joined me there, setting up and waiting patiently for the National Day Parade (NDP) 2013 to start in the evening and my friend David came around in the evening, in time for the pre-parade segments. The weather in the evening wasn’t good, with a thunderstorm looming in the background of Suntec City skyline and lightning was seen flashing across the area. Due to the poor weather conditions and concern for safety, the Red Lions were not able to perform their traditional jump during this NDP 2013, while there were some disappointments in this highly anticipated and eagerly awaited performance from the Red Lions, I felt that it was a right call taking into consideration the bad weather and poor visibility conditions.



Soon, the pre-parade segments started and we waited for the National Flag Flypast, the Aerial Flypast and display by the Republic of Singapore Airforce F15 and F16. We all started to aim our cameras into the sky and trying to capture the air show display in action! Once that was over, it was a waiting game for the fireworks to start in about 1hr time. We just take landscape blue hour shots of the Marina Bay area, getting vibrant blue hour colours with the building lights. The colours from Marina Bay Sands were very beautiful and they have the Crescent Moon and Five Stars logo appearing, celebrating NDP 2013!



When the fireworks came, we found it very challenging to capture the fireworks. The pace and speed of the fireworks was intense, a lot faster than their rehearsals and they were firing more fireworks together. Thus my fireworks were “very bright” and the smoke from the fireworks was pretty slow in blowing away, thus making my fireworks photos pretty interesting. I still love fireworks, watching and photographing fireworks!

As we celebrated Singapore’s 48th National Day Parade, let’s wish Singapore a Happy 48th Birthday!

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