Paraboles 2.0 – Singapore Night Festival 2010

The Singapore Night Festival 2010 is back with a big bang, packed with lots more events, activities and performances. Held over days from 16th & 17th July 2010 7pm to 2am, this wonderful event attracted many visitors, watching the various performances and visiting National Museum of Singapore.

There were guides stationed around the compound of SMU Campus and National Museum of Singapore, giving out event booklets and a fan! This booklet was really handy and useful for us, letting us what other events were shown/performed at Singapore Night Festival 2010.

I was there for the performance called Paraboles 2.0, by Compagnie Off (France) & Victric Thng (Singapore), an abstract and intriguing arts performance. With 6 giant satellite dishes springing from the urban ground, placed in front of National Museum of Singapore, the 6 satellite dishes were called into action, communicating with the  stars, planets and outer space, transmitting and downloading signals, transmissions and cosmic data. While different sounds and signals could be heard for each satellite transmission and communication, stroboscopic light flashes were seen on each satellite dish, depicting patterns, signals, ideas and thoughts.

A combination of all, mixed together in this performance, brought about a surreal and beautiful performance of lights, shapes and patterns. While I was there capturing the moments and wonderful performance, the Singapore Night Festival never fails to amaze me ! Do check more of my photographs here on Flickr !


  1. have never heard of this before…. looks like an interesting performance!

  2. Author

    Hi lechua

    Yes, I didn’t hear about them before this performance too ! It’s great for different arts performance troupe coming to Singapore for such wonderful events 🙂

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