Photography Resolutions for Year 2015

Over the years, photographing, sharing and writing about my photography, I searched through my archives and re-discovered my goals and reflections written over the years. For the Year 2015, this could be my first time writing down resolutions for my photography. The PetaPixel article – 10 Photography Resolutions for the New Year, inspired my list of photography resolutions for Year 2015 and here it is!

#1 Personal Projects

This had been ongoing for a while, such as Old Places and Old Playgrounds personal projects. It’s time to complete my Old Playgrounds personal project that I had wanted to complete sometime back. For year 2015, I am still seeking inspiration and ideas and an area that I would be embarking on is on SG50 theme.


#2 hold a photography exhibition

In the past few years, I saw my photographer friends coming together to hold their own photography exhibitions and they were very inspiring, one of them was a group of photographer friends known as 5ivefootway. David Teo is another photographer that held his own mini photography exhibition!

One day, I hope to hold a photography exhibition too, maybe on my own or with my fellow photographer friends. I have a plan in mind that I can’t say too much at this point in time. Let’s see how it turns out in 2015!


#3 Print More Photos

When I read the PetaPixel article, one of the resolutions was to print more photos and it brought me back in time when I would bring my roll of film down to the shop and get it printed. In the digital world today, we were storing huge numbers of photographs on our hard disk storage devices.

Let’s find the photographs that you loved most, send them for printing and share with family, relatives, loved ones and friends. Start with 4R size and move on to bigger photograph print sizes!

#4 produce my own Photography Books

Photographer friends can be a source of inspiration and motivation. When I saw the likes of photographer friends, Callan, Jingwen and Aik Beng, producing their own photography books, they really inspired me to do and produce my own photography book. While I was a bit slow in terms of compiling and curating my photographs, I am looking forward to producing my own photography books in Year 2015!

Before the end of Year 2014, I set a goal to produce 3 photography books in the Year 2015

  • Old Playgrounds
  • Hokkaido Travel Photographs
  • Hokkaido Black and White Landscape Photographs

Stay tuned for some exciting updates! First photography book is my Hokkaido Black and White Landscape Photographs!


#5 Shoot More Photos of our Loved Ones

Sometimes we tend to neglect the people who love and care about us most, our loved ones, whether in work or leisure. Let’s all not forget our Loved Ones who love and care about us regardless of what we do.

#6 Do A Good Deed with my Photography

Photographers can do wonderful things with their eye for photography and skills. From documenting and reporting, we can also do good deeds and help people. I wanted to organize a portrait shoot charity shoot, inspired by the $10 headshots – A Charity Project. I didn’t manage to kick it off and in the Year 2015, I hope to do a good deed with my photography!

#7 Improve my Post Processing Skills

I confess that I am still weak in this area and I have lots and lots of room for improvements. I must thank my photography friends (David Tay, Wong Renhao, Marcus Lim and Dave Koh) who helped me over the years in tweaking some of my photographs.

#8 Pay It Forward / Mentoring

One life skill that I learned in the University of Life is to give back to society, to Pay It Forward. Through mentoring younger and less experienced photographers (my young discipes), by sharing my knowledge and skills, I am also improving on my own photography skills and knowledge, bringing my photography levels higher.


#9 Keep Learning and Keep Improving

There is always something new to learn and something to improve on my current skills. Always keep learning and keep improving.

#10 Keep Going

These 2 simple and wise words were by Fernando Gros, a talented photographer, musician and artist. I read it from his Twitter timeline post and it struck me immediately. It’s really true sometime; it’s to Keep Going. Fernando is a photographer whom I respect and learned from his photography sharing.


It’s not easy to keep and achieve the resolutions that I set for year 2015. Let this be a reminder to myself on what I set to learn, improve and change for my photography in 2015 and see what I have accomplished at the end of Year 2015.

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