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I had been taking many photos and sharing with people in a photojournalist style to convey my event, adventure and coverage of the events, functions and travel stories. 
As I improved in my photography skills, it dawned upon me from my personal development learning  via my personal blog also, on the importance of sharing, teaching and mentoring. Therefore, I would also start something similar here, in the fields of photography. By doing so, I would improve on my knowledge too and bringing my photography to another level, a worthy breakthrough.
I came across this article by, on “Six Vocation Photos That Can Kill You“, since I am a hardcore photographer who loves to travel, this article made a lot of sense to me and KNOCKED some common sense back into me too. There are 6 crucial points to take note –
  1. Falling into the Grand Canyon 
  2. Attacked by Wildlife
  3. Attacked Underwater
  4. Drowned by Waterfalls
  5. Struck by Lightning
  6. The Wrong Place at The Wrong Time
I recalled climbing Mount Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia during December 2007, monsoon season, reaching the peak area could be dangerous if you choose to deviate away from the designated route, once you fell down, it’s like free fall, nevertheless, it is overall still a safe mountain to climb. Therefore, folks, please be very careful of this particular kinds of terrain.
Drowned by Waterfalls – Another of my favourite outdoor adventure, just loved to be under the waterfall or jumped into the waterfall pool. Looking back, I need to be less reckless.
Lightning – To be struck, it’s pure lottery and freakish. However, in Singapore, you have a higher chance, Singapore has more lightning appearing. 
My fellow photographers, do drop by their sites and take a look !


  1. And here I am worried about accidentally walking into a lamppost or tripping over a curb. Luckily my love for photography is not rivaled by a love of adventure…but part of me wishes I had the guts to go beyond my safety zone and experience some of these adventures.

  2. These adventures are exciting,not only exciting for a photographer.

    But when I met the crying mother who waiting for her boy’s body, which still buried under the ruin of earthquake, I feel it hard to shoot.

  3. Good thought, wanted to learn the skills to take good photo too but just couldn’t find the time.

  4. Hi embassy pro books,

    Photography is so wonderful and it allows us to encompass so many different kinds of photo taking opportunities.

    I understand some of the adventures are indeed more dangerous than normal, understanding and managing the risks and dangers, you would be able to go ahead and take some awesome photos !

    Go for it !

  5. Hi iWalk

    In that kind of situation, whereby you are not a press photographer doing your job, you are an angel, a volunteer to help those people in need.

    Such scenes are some of the most difficult moments to capture for non-professional photographers.

    Being there to help them, you are already in a special and unique league of heroines.

  6. Hi kok hui

    It would take some time to learn the finer skills of photography, once you get started, you will not regret!

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