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I was tagged by iWalk, U2? on 26th July for MEME and I was really busy before being able to proceed on with this MEME !

Ok …… Here goes 
Here are my 4 Things : 
4 Jobs that I had
– Guest Services Officer
– Temp Customer Services Officer
– Retail Executive
– Hotel Internship
4 Movies that I can watched over and over again 
– Star Wars Trilogy
– Forrest Gump
– Indian Jones Trilogy
– The Simpsons Movie
4 Places that I lived
– Singapore
– Malaysia
– Australia
– Shanghai, China
4 TV Shows that I liked
– CSI Miami
– CSI New York
– Band of Brothers
– Heroes
4 Places that I vocationed
– Tokyo
– Shanghai
– Brisbane
– Phuket
4 of my Favourite Dishes
– Char Kway Teow
– Fried Chicken
– Roti John
– Satay
4 Places that I rather be Right Now
– Bali
– Bhutan
– Tibet
– Nepal 
People I tag (in random order)
Hope you all have fun folks !


  1. Looks like a fun tag, Jinghui. I’ll post it soon. Loved your answers! I have wanted to see Tibet too because I read and loved the book LOST HORIZON. Have you read it?

    JJ 😀

  2. Hi JJ

    Glad that you like this tag !

    Thanks for sharing on the book, Lost Horizon, I would go search on it, I haven’t read it before.

    Do drop by often !

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