Ramblings on (my) Photography

Just ramblings on my photography, a number of thoughts on photography related matters running inside my brain now, good to write down and share and not to forget things to do also.

DSLR enquiries

As many as 3 friends asking me on DSLR photography within a night, coincidence ?

Actual Day Wedding Photography enquiry

I haven’t make an appointment to chat and discuss with the couple, need to arrange it soon.

Teaching Photography

Just taught my friend 2 hrs crash course on Actual Day Wedding, think it works out alright (hopefully) 🙂

Had a few people enquiring on teaching them photography, yet to start anything nor prepare any materials, it might take a while before it officially kick starts.

Looking out for a 2nd hand professional series DSLR

It’s time …… I would love and already planning to get a 2nd hand Canon EOS 1DMkII 

Seeking to go newer and higher levels of photography

Planning to do overseas wedding shoot, any takers for a greenhorn like me ?

Learning studio portrait photography, setup and lighting

Exploring exotic locations and emulate National Geographic standards (Inspired by iWalk,U2

Visiting areas and using my photography to help them (also inspired by iWalk,U2)

Shooting a ballet charity concert

Becoming a sports photographer and photojournalist

Interestingly, I was approached recently to shoot amateur football games, I didn’t go down nor ask for further details due to schedule constraints, however, I always love football and sports photography, worth a shot ?

Buying/Upgrading new accessories/toys

A very “infectious disease” a.k.a BUY BUY BUY syndrome for serious photographers, looking at a portrait lense, Macro lense, 2 new flash units.  

Building my Portfolio Photography Album

Very guilty, been talking about it for a period of time and no action taken. Online photos hosted at flickr not sufficient for detailed viewing. Time for action to be taken.

Hmmm ……. Well …… These look like a long list 🙂


  1. LOL! I have a long list myself.. sigh!
    Good luck with your future accomplishments.. 🙂

  2. Thanks JH! We are inspired by each other!

    Your things to do is inspiring! I should manage my “things to do” too, So many things in a mass!

    One of mine friend just set up a studio for DIY wedding shoot,She want do overseas wedding shoot too. 🙂

  3. So if I have any questions about photography…I can ask you? 🙂

  4. Author

    Hi Cashmere

    We all do have a long list of things to do !

    All the best to you too !

  5. Author

    Hi iWalk

    YOur travel stories and photos very inspiring !

    Yeah, we all need to manage our things to do ! Hope to meet your friend and exchange wedding photo shoot too !

  6. Author

    Hi Mei Teng

    If you have any questions on photography , I would do my best to help you ! 🙂

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