Revisiting The Child Inside Me – Toys & Anime !

Everybody in their entire life, was once a young child, nothing to worry about, just wanted to play and have fun, don’t want to attend school, have your favourite toys and anime comics and toys.

My wishes was fulfilled when I went and visited Singapore Toys and Comics Convention 2008, held at the Suntec City Exhibition Hall. I was quite surprised to see a huge crowd of young and old, squeezing into the Hall, we have many people who still have the child and play in them !

Well, there were many different types of comics, toys and anime on display. Depending on what were your favourite anime cartoons, toys or comics, there was something for everybody there ! For a start, there were Gundam, Transformers, Star Wars, Lego, Racing Stimulator, Nintendo Wii etc etc …..

Great to feel young again and get in touch with the child inside me again ! I can’t said every possible anime, comics or toys would be there, nevertheless, it was something special and different experience, love to see more such conventions in the future ! More toys, anime and comics !

Oh, the Star Wars collectibles there were awesome ! Do keep a lookout ! I am dedicating a post for my favourite movies series Star Wars ………

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