For Star Wars Fans !

When I was a young boy, there was a movie that mesmerised me for the rest of my life and until today, I am still a fanatic. That movie was known as Star Wars…….

Moving foward to 2008, there were many new changes and developments to the Star Wars Trilogy Series, there were a total of 6 movies in the Star Wars Trilogy. I had my comics and story books of the Star Wars series but I didn’t collect any of the toys and although I am “pass” childhood stage, I would love to buy and collect Star Wars Lego !

Upon reaching Singapore Toys & Comics Convention 2008, I was brought back to my childhood days and when I saw a lot of Star Wars toys and costumes, it was really exciting for me and I couldn’t keep myself still, moving and checking out many Star Wars stuff !

Do check out some of the awesome Star Wars collection that I photographed during the event and I dedicate this post to all Star Wars fans ! Do check out my other Star Wars Photographs on my Flickr !

May the Force Be With You !

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