I Love My APPLE !

Based on a true story ………………….

There was once an avid photographer who loves high technology stuff, gadgets and information technology. When he was getting more engrossed into photo taking, a new challenge dawned upon with regards to post-processing and screen colours management. He was gradually introduced to the White World of another fruit, that was seen to be special, different and unique.

Photo Link: http://www.waterfootprint.org/images/gallery/original/apple.jpg

The fruit was APPLE. Initially, he was hesitant like many others, checking out the APPLE Homepage, reading forums, asking his friends on the pros and cons of APPLE technology and platform. After making a decision to join the White World, he procrastinated again and dragged the purchase of his White High Tech Gadget. His APPLE user mates gave him a very good verbal thrashing and poking fun of him, all in the name of good faith, goodwill, fun and laughter, peace and joy !

On a particular Friday the 13th, June 2008, he decided enough is enough, he will buy his long awaited Macbook. That person is ME !

The Macbook that I had was the 2.1 GHz armed with 120GB HD, with wonderful accessories of 4GB RAM, E-Shield, Keyboard Protector and a soft case. For more information on the specifications of the Macbook that I purchased, do visit APPLE SINGAPORE and it is a very friendly website !

I have the best of both worlds running Mac OS X Leopard with Boot Camp installed with it, 4GB of RAM powering dual operating systems of Windows XP and Mac OS, absolutely perfect ! The iPhoto is simply awesome and superb, being an avid photographer, it gave me the controls and functions that I long wanted so badly inside my system. Moreover, the graphics and display is beyond imagination, my photos were really given a huge boost with the superior display features. By the way, there are still many more cool programs in Mac OS !

Folks, this White Toy is Cool, Smart, Professional, Beautiful and Best of Everything !

Grab your APPLE today ! You Will NOT REGRET !

Oh, by the way, did I mention that I am waiting for the arrival of Apple 3G iPhone ?


  1. You have a MAC!!! WOOT!!! Great choice. 😀

    JJ 😀

  2. Yes !! I have a MAC …. finally !

  3. I also keep all the packagings of my Apple things, haha.

  4. Hi iWalk !

    Me too ! I kept all my Apple packaging too !

  5. Those Apple packaging…..also work of art.:D

  6. Hi iWalk !

    Yup ! Apple packaging must keep too ! Very cool also !

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