Shanghai Holiday Day 3 ~ 1st February 2007 Morning


It’s been 3 days in Shanghai, had great fun exploring and understanding different cultures, experiences and food. After another lovely morning breakfast by Auntie, I embarked on another sightseeing tour around the outskirt districts of Shanghai. In the morning, I was brought to this area known as SheShan, 30km southwest of Shanghai.

This district does have a holiday designated area but we did not stop by and take a look. Instead, we went up the West Hill, drove up to a high plateau and disembarked. The views from the West Hill was awesome, even though it was a little bit foggy, we could still view the sights of the great massive space of land leading towards Shanghai.

There were a few interesting sights up there:

(1) SheShan Catholic Cathedral

(2) Jesuit Observatory (Tian Wen Tai)

(3) Cable car station that leads to the bottom of the hill and towards the East Hill

The Cathedral and Tian Wen Tai were historical monuments, each with their own glorious moments. The Cathedral was well taken care of when we went in and take a look inside the hall. No photography was allowed and the photographs I took were only the external facades.

As for the Tian Wen Tai, it is an observatory that had contributed to the history of ancient and modern China, great preservation of different eras of observatory instruments, used by the great astrolgers and scientists.

Great time exploring but that particular morning, the temperature was pretty low and with gusty winds blowing at our faces while we were on West Hill, it wasn’t long before we returned back to our car and headed towards Zhu Jia Jiao Canal Town.

To Be Continued ……….

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