Shanghai Holiday Day 2 ~ 31st January 2007 Night

Puxi District Night Sceneries

After my day trip to Zhou Zhuang Ancient Township, we returned back to Songjiang, had a rest and a quick shower before leaving for dinner in Shanghai.

Dinner was at one of restaurant in a shopping centre, located in the southwestern part of Shanghai, didn’t took down the name and take photos of the dinner I had. It was lovely food, just a little bit oily. I just loved the stir fried noodles.

After dinner, we split up, one group went to shop for goods and groceries while I went to Puxi District. When we drove towards the Puxi District, the beautiful lights of Pudong and Puxi District, lighting up the Huang Pu jiang, giving it a great aura of a modern cosmopolitian city that is able to retain its culture and history. There were many people along the Bund (as it known to the world), soaking in the cold winter night, taking photographs of Pudong District, chatting and having a great time. It is full of life and gives Shanghai the unique identity that stands out. If you ever visit Shanghai, it is a must for you to visit Pudong and Puxi District, in both the day and night.

We quickly walked along the road, admiring the various colonial buildings, the colours it bring to the river life. After that, we walked into Nanjing East Road, whereby a part of the shopping mall was located. There were not cars running in the middle of the road, just full of people shopping. It was brightly lit up with neon lights and advertisements. There were no intention for me to do any shopping yet and we just quickly walked up and down Nanjing East Road, looking around the various shopping complex, both old and new. People were all around, this place is lively and it brands Shanghai as a major city in the world.

Soon, it was time to pick up the rest and we headed back to the sub-urban district. Returning back to Songjiang, had a good rest and preparing for my Day 3 adventure.

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