Shanghai Holiday Day 3 ~ 1st February 2007 Night

Jin Mao Tower – Pudong District

The Pudong and Puxi Districts in the heart of Shanghai, along with the Bund, displayed the might and beauty of Shanghai. These areas are a must for every traveller to visit and feel the beauty, culture, history and development of Shanghai.

We had dinner in one of the Shanghai suburbs, a food court in a shopping centre. Initially, I wasn’t too keen on the idea as I had enough of food courts in sunny Singapore. However, it wasn’t too bad after all, instead of paying at the food stalls, you had to purchase a pre-paid value card at the cashier before proceeding to order and pay for the food. The food had a fair bit of variety and it was pretty good. There was a Singapore food section in the food court too.

After that, we proceed to our destination for the night, Jin Mao Tower. Jin Mao Tower is a 88 storey building that stands tall and proud in the Lujiazui area of Pudong District. There are offices and the Grand Hyatt Hotel is also part of Jin Mao Tower from 53 to 87 floors. More information on Jin Mao Tower can be read from these 2 web links:

(1)Jin Mao Building – Wikipedia
(2)China Jin Mao Group Co Ltd

We landed on the 87th floor, a bar known as Cloud 9, it was a really very beautiful bar, with great views of the night sceneries of Shanghai. Although the minimum charge for visitors (non-hotel guests) was 120RMB + tax per person, it wasn’t going to spoil our night chill out. My cousin and her colleagues were also with us for the night and we had fun walking around the Cloud 9, enjoying the different views.

We had a great time, drinking and having some pretty desserts. A great place to chill out and unwind, we were there early (9pm++ approx) and it wasn’t too crowded yet. After 10pm, the crowds started strolling in and it became a lively bar.

Soon, it was time to go back, we stopped by on the 56rd floor of Grand Hyatt and looked up at the atrium, a “spiral cone” of the hotel section, a postcard picture that is a common sight in any tourist information. I would plan to visit the restaurants and cafe as well as the 88th floor, the Skywalk Observation Deck.

A great day 3, had enjoyed myself thoroughly.

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