Shanghai Holiday Day 4 ~ 2nd February 2007

Shanghai Old Town ~ Temple of the Town Gods

Today was not a day of many planned different visits. It was more of a relaxing day without much rushing around. In the morning, I was strolling my way around the office and factory area, playing with the dog in the compound, enjoying the sights of the housing and way of life nearby the office.

In the afternoon, after lunch with the office folks (great cooking by Auntie). We went to Shanghai to look at this area called the Old Town, whereby the Temple of the Town Gods is located.

Before reaching there, we drove pass a famous nightlife spot in Shanghai, known as Xingtiandi, there wasn’t much activities when we drove past it. This “happening hotspot” was one of my planned places of visit and I had not visited it yet. Therefore, I would plan and make a return trip to Shanghai to explore the other locations.

Driving into the Temple of Town Gods area, it was full of people, nearby was a shopping district, pretty cool. Inside the arena, there were beautiful buildings that were preserved and there were different sights inside. There were food outlets, retail shops, shopping outlets etc etc. We got to the Temple of the Town Gods main entrance but due to time constraints, we didn’t go inside the temple and tour. Looking and walking around more, we moved on towards a facttory outlet location.

Upon reaching the factory outlet location, I was impressed by the brands establishing a factory outlet. There were many international brands and they range from working attires to outdoor gear. Just a quick browse as my cousin got a company dinner to attend.

At the company dinner, a tradition for the staff to enjoy (similar to our annual dinner), lots of drinking and lots of food. A real eye-opener on the different eating cultures on such occasions, the food was plentiful and they just stacked it on top of another. Another cultural lesson received, priceless.

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