Shooturtweeple Tanjong Pagar Edition 2nd Oct 2010

Shooturtweeple 6th Edition, happened on 2nd October 2010, led and organised by Kevin and Callan, a photography walkabout Tanjong Pagar edition, for the love of photography, making new friends/tweeples and shooting your fellow photographers/tweeples thus the name ShootUrTweeple.

It was great to be with this group again, my 2nd time with them. We started off frm Outram Park MRT Station, walked towards Spottiswode Park via Kampung Bahru Road, hiking through heritage shophouses with many different facades, history and colours. While enjoying and taking photographs of rich heritage and history, we did not forget capturing our fellow tweeples/photographers in action too !

Walking through Spottiswode Park estate, we reached Tanjong Pagar Railway Station and had a longer rest there for a drinks break and rest break. While waiting, resting, taking photographs of the railway station, more tweeples/photographers joined us before gathering again to head up towards Pinnacle Duxton, Singapore’s newest public housing development, 50 stories high. The group went up to the 50th floor Sky Park while I decided to stay on the ground level for rest and taking other photographs of Pinnacle Duxton since I went up 50th floor Sky Park twice already !

Thereafter, we continued towards Tanjong Pagar Plaza, another old heritage area of Singapore’s public housing development, passing by Yan Kit Swimming Pool (not in use anymore) and having an evening view of the old and new Singapore’s public housing developments. It was beautiful to see before my eyes, the history, development and growth of Singapore through the growth and development of our public housing !

Last but not least, it’s chill out time with dinner and beer, chatting, relaxing, networking, poking fun at people 🙂 If you are in Singapore and would like to join, check out the Shooturtweeple on Facebook ! It was nice knowing more tweeples/photographers and although I wasn’t able to have a chat with all my new friends, hope I would be able to do so in the next shooturtweeple ! Hope you all enjoy shooturtweeple and check out the pics here !

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#ShootUrTweeple 06 Tanjong Pagar by Kevin


  1. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. 🙂 Good post there.

  2. Interested in running an image on this page in a magazine. Will need a couple more as well. Would need them high resolution. The piece is on Social Housing in ASEAN and Singapore features a lot.

    Best Regards

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