Singapore Arts Festival 2007 Closing Celebrations – Time Out by antagon theaterAKTion (Germany)

On 24th June 2007, The Singapore Arts Festival came to a close, held in the heartlands of Western Singapore, at the open field between Jurong East Central 1 and JTC Summit.

antagon theaterAKTion from Germany graced this spectacular event and their performance synopsis could be read from the official homepage of Singapore Arts Festival 2007.
Closing Celebrations – Time Out.

It was a unique experience (especially for me), watching a theater play in the midst of our heartlands. The play somehow reflected the life we were leading, lost, locked up, struggle and searching for energy release and a new life.

During a segment of the play, the performers presented people slowing down, fighting and catching something they wanted badly ….. it was a clock on a round metal plate, TIME ……. to turn back the time ? or wanting more time ? This particular play segment would always leave a deep impression inside me.

Fire , pyrotechnics and a finale fireworks lighted up the outdoor arena, though the fires gone yet leaving fiery memories in Singapore.

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  1. congrats on your 100th blogpost. great pictures of the artfest by the way! – TT

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