Fast & Furious Drifting Action @ Texas Revolution Carnival ~ 9th June 2007

I am a sports car fanatic. I can’t call myself a great expert in all racing cars, parts, modifications, clubs, racing circuits, drifting techniques etc etc ….. Nevertheless, if you wish to chit chat until the sun comes down on racing and sports cars and related stuff, do feel free to drop me an email.

I am a huge fan of Initial D (Anime dramas and movie) and basically anything to do with sports car racing, Formula 1 , GT Races. My favourite sports cars are Nissan Skyline GT-R, Nissan 180SX and Subaru WRX and I have great respect for sports cars such as Honda NSX, Mazda RX-7, Toyota Supra, Honda Civic EG6, Mitsubishi Evolution 6.

During the Texas Revolution Carnival, I was entertained by some great performances of drifting and high octane racing by different sports cars and there were a significant proportion of S14 and S15, driven by professional drifters from Malaysia and Singapore.

Presenting to all ……. some photographs from that Saturday’s hot burning actions,

(1) Police and Thief Story

(2) Drifting

Time to be a drifter ? Hmm ….. Keep a lookout ……

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