Texas Revolution Carnival on 9th June 2007 @ Old Police Academy Parade Square

There was an awesome event known as Texas Revolution Carnival, in conjunction with the Police Week Carnival. It was held from 8th June to 10th June at the Old Police Academy ground. It was a fun-filled event of games, displays and hot racing actions.

The hot racing actions at the Texas Revolution Carnival, consisted of
– Drifting Sports Cars
– Racing Bikes
– Go Karts
– Race Queen Search

It was a hot afternoon when I got there around 1500hrs, and the Race Queen search was starting to kick start. Fixed up my arsenal, my Canon 30D + EF 70-200mm F4 L + Sigma Super DG 500 Flash, got myself a position behind the early bird photographers and started shooting away. It’s always fun to see rows of photographers with similar arsenal setup taking photos of models/race queens, brought back photojournalistic memories during the Motorshow 2006.

The ladies participating in the Race Queen competiiton deserved a special mention. They were beautiful, awesome and fun loving, I wished them all the best on the final day of the competition.

After the initial round on the Race Queen contest, our attention was turned to the parade square, the first action was the racing bikes running out for their runs around the circuit. After that, the drift cars came in, displaying a racing & drifting performance called “Police & Thief”. It was great to view such live action performances and there were lots of tyre burning and white smoke coming out from the rear tyres, all in the art and love of drifting.

The next drifting performance consisted of racing cars from Singapore and Malaysia, mainly Nissan S14 & S15. It was hot burning action and the drivers displayed the art of drifting and racing, with precision, skills and timing. Our Malaysia counterparts later performed professional stunts and partnerships, they were really great racers and it was a joy watching them. Go-Karting racing was next and I just enjoyed watching them zooming left right in the circuit.

Finally, the action ended with the selection of the finalists for Sunday’s Race Queen competition.

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