Singapore Arts Festival 2012 – Bridge Cafe Project

If there is one performance that will make visitors to Singapore Arts Festival 2012 leaving with a hands on,  very fun and enjoyable live experience with the performers, the Bridge Cafe Project will definitely stands out in their own right, with their electrifying energy and enthusiasm in their performance, getting the visitors involved too!

Where can you find them, the Bridge Cafe Project ? Don’t worry, they can easily located in the heart of the Festival Village, the cafe where visitors drop by for a drink and snack. From 630pm to 930pm, be ready to be entertained by a good mix of young and old performers, dancing, singing and performing inside the cafe. It’s a fun place to be for all ages, including young children, easily accessible for everybody to be there.

I was there with my fellow photographers/bloggers friends and we all had a great time capturing their wonderful awesome performances over the period from 630pm to 930pm. They were getting the visitors involved too and it was great watching the young children dancing together with the Oyajis, like a grandparent dancing with their grandchild, the scene is priceless, filled with love, warmth and friendship.

The Bridge Cafe Project is so wonderful that I am encouraging my friends/readers to drop by the Singapore Arts Festival 2012, head to the Cafe at the Festival Village from 630pm to 930pm and be ready to be mesmerised by their energetic performances, dancing and enthusiasm. The Bridge Cafe Project is ongoing till the 2nd of June from 630pm to 930pm with performances happening at intervals. Check out the photographs of the Bridge Cafe Project here !

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