Singapore Motorshow 2008

The Singapore Motorshow 2008 was a much smaller event than the previous Motorshow 2 years ago…. Probably in the year 2008, many car brands could be concentrating on the first Formula One Night Race in Singapore and with the current financial and economical climate, that could be a shortage of funds available for events such as the Singapore Motorshow.

I went down on the saturday night, walked around and enjoyed the different car brands on display. It was a a lot smaller, hopefully, it would still be coming back in 2 years time, when the economy would be better by then (hopefully).
Just to share my photos here with all my readers …… not as many as previous years …… Hope you all enjoy them !!


  1. Nice cars , hot chicks. How can a man not go to a motorshow?

  2. Hi jinghui, is the car in image img-06 the one that can be driven underwater? do you have close up shots of the interior?

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