Sneak Preview of an Upcoming Event

On the 21st June, I was finishing my window shopping at Suntec City and Marina Square, decided to cross over to the Esplanade to catch a glimpse of any rehearsals for our upcoming National Day event in August 2008.

I had to confess that I wasn’t disappointed and it was a mini-preview with the performances, parade, Black Knights display was really awesome ! I had a great time and very challenging time taking photos of the high flying and octane performances by the Black Knights !

For the photographers planning to capture the Black Knights performance, I would like to share some challenges I faced –

  • Changing background lighting from sunset to low light, must be ready to change your ISO accordingly
  • Very fast action, fast lense needed
  • Another DSLR with wide angle lense or digicam – to take the beautiful photo of the heart shape formed by the Black Knights, it is very challenging (not ideal) to change lenses when you are capturing the Black Knights in action
  • Your position on the parade itself, don’t be under the trees at the Esplanade, you would miss the action

Besides, I also caught a glimpse of the fireworks firing points and zone of the fireworks display in the Marina Bay and CBD skyline. It was a short display of fireworks but I was very happy to be able to view it !

Looking foward to the next few rehearsals and honing my photography skills to capture high speed flying performances ! Do drop by my photos site and have a look at the other rehearsal photos !

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