The BIG NAZO Creature Show

Last week, I saw some great performances by artists at the Esplanade, the Flipside event, in conjunction with the Singapore Arts Festival. The puppet performance was intriguing and on 14th June, I went back to the Esplanade after my event shoot at Vivo City and caught a very different puppets performance.

This time, it was people dressed in giant aliens costumes, singing lovely songs, some great oldies that I recall e.g. Satellite of Love, dancing around, cracking jokes and providing lots of fun and laughter to the crowds. It was an awesome show, felt great to see another wonderful artist performance, I always admire and like such different shows by people from all over the world, coming to Singapore to showcase their work.

Well, hope you folks enjoy watching the giant aliens in action !


  1. That must have been some kind of show. Fun pics! 🙂

  2. Yes ! It was a great show, those giant “alien puppets” were awesome and they gave a great performance !

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