Star Wars 75078 Imperial Troop Transport

The Star Wars 75078 Imperial Troop Transport is one of the new set of Star Wars Lego series launched in the month of January 2015. This was one of the Star Wars Lego set that caught my attention, it’s not too expensive and I can take the opportunity to build up my stormtroopers collection.


When the Imperial Troop Transport was initially launched, it was very popular among Star Wars Lego collectors/fans. The initial demand was pretty strong and there were not enough supplies to meet the demands of the customers. I waited for a few weeks before I was able to get hold of them. Due to recent work commitments, I wasn’t able to open up my box and build them up.


However, with the Canon EOS M3 review camera available to me for two weeks, I decided to bring my Lego toy out of from my store room and used the Canon EOS M3 to take photographs of my Star Wars Lego building process. This was also a good time for me to test the capabilities of the Canon EOS M3 too!


The Imperial Troop Transport is based on the TV series Star Wars Rebels, tracking down rebels on Planet Lothal. It would be interesting to conceptualise some Star Wars Lego scenes with the Imperial Troop Transport, Stormtroopers and Rebels! Besides that, I am keen on collecting more Imperial Troop Transport and showcase a section size or platoon size of Imperial Troop Transport and Stormtroopers!


I hope that I can share more on the Star Wars Lego collection, conceptualising scenes, producing and photographing them! Keep a lookout!

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