Star Wars Lego 7749 Echo Base

The Battle of Hoth, one of the most memorable movie scenes of the Star Wars Trilogy, in Star Wars V – The Empire Strikes Back. It was one of my favourite Star Wars movie scenes and I had been planning to do the Battle of Hoth scenes with my Star Wars Lego toys! This mini project is definitely going to take up a number of resources and time to plan, setup, build and photograph! Building it up slowly, with the addition of the Star Wars Lego 7749 Echo Base, it’s the kickstart for me to produce my Battle of Hoth Lego Star Wars scene!


Lego 7749 Echo Base was released in 2009, an older Lego model compared to the later series, Lego 7879 Hoth Echo Base that was released in 2011. Nevertheless, I liked the Lego 7749 Echo Base, simple and what I was planning to get, the gun turret! The Snowtroopers from the Lego 7749 Echo Base series were different from the current Snowtroopers! Check out the photograph below and spot the differences between the two different series of Snowtroopers!


While I am starting to replicate Star Wars movie scenes with my Lego collection, I was also conceptualising and planning my own Star Wars scenes with my Lego collection. Do keep a lookout for my Star Wars Lego Scenes here on my Flickr collection!


With the Lego 7749 Echo Base and my Star Wars Lego Snowspeeder, I took the next step towards building my Battle of Hoth scene and I hope that I can share my stories and adventures soon in the near future! Follow my Star Wars Lego photography collection and adventures here on Flickr!

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