The Future of Us Exhibition

The Future of Us exhibition was recently concluded on 8th March 2016, having started on 1st December 2015 at Gardens By The Bay. I managed to book my ticket to visit the exhibition during the final weekend before the end of the exhibition. I was happy that I visited The Future of Us exhibition, to have an interactive and immersive experiential time inside the exhibition grounds.

What is The Future of Us exhibition all about? What does it meant for the pioneers, for the current generation and the future generation? The Future of Us exhibition is an immersive, multi-sensory and interactive experience that shares what the future of Singapore may look like to all the visitors, the possibilities of Singaporeans living, working, playing, caring and learning in the future.


Upon entering into the exhibition grounds, into the first dome, the visitors experienced a show, the history and development of Singapore, followed by the dreams and glimpses into the future of Singapore. The 3D like 360 degrees view was engaging and futuristic. The featured Singaporeans have their own dreams that they shared with the visitors, what about your own dream? What is the future for you?


After watching the first show, we went into the other dome, to watch another show, on the future of Singapore, how we live, work, play, care and learn. It got me thinking about the future of Singapore and how I would like to be, live in and enjoy the recreational activities.


Moving into the next dome after that, visitors entered into a world of high rise buildings, the modern high rise HDB block of flats. Land is scarce in Singapore, in order to accommodate a bigger population in the future, the way is building our flats higher up into the sky.


Walking into the final dome, it is like entering the solar galaxy, where we send our dreams, thoughts and well wishes into the space and galaxy system. In this dome, I observed that the young children liked it a lot, drawing, colouring their diagrams, or sending their wishes and thoughts into the galaxy. This interactive exercise got them thinking “What will you do for the future of us?”


Leaving the dome, I spotted the playground swings outside, another popular fun activity for the children and adults too! The swing is like an unsung hero, the adults who grew up with playgrounds and swings would probably like it! For the children, it’s something fun that they can play with to enjoy the swing and motion! There was a big lion there too, guarding the playground swings!


I continued to wonder around the market place, found myself into the gift shop and spotted an awesome piece of Singapore artwork titled “Peta Singapura” by Lee Xin Li. No amount of words will do justice to this wonderful, heartwarming and touching artwork that is truly touches the heart, mind and soul of a heartlander Singaporean. The things that made Singapore unique in its own nature and culture!


Before leaving The Future of Us exhibition, I turned back and reflected on my journeys earlier inside the exhibition. Nobody has a magic crystal ball to know what will happen in the future. The Future of Singapore can be shaped, planned, led and initatiated by us Singaporeans, not just by the Government. This is not just for us, the current generation, this is also for the younger Singapore generation.


The Future of Us, the future Singapore, what do you want it to be? It’s not going to be easy, it’s up to us.

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