McDonald’s new Crispy Chicken Sandwich

New Crispy Chicken Sandwich by McDonald’s! When I saw the press release news in my mailbox and also from my Line App news update from McDonald’s Singapore account, I told myself this Crispy Chicken Sandwich looks delicious and I would like to try it soon. On a Saturday night, I decided to grab a McDonald’s meal for dinner and I chose the new Crispy Chicken Sandwich (I saw the new Breaded Salmon with Paella Spice Mix too, haven’t try it yet!)


This Crispy Chicken Sandwich took a bit longer time to prepare, compared to the other McDonald’s burgers on the menu. Upon receiving my set meal, I sat down, started looking at the design of the Crispy Sandwich Box, simple yet interesting! Before I started eating my sandwich, I took some photos to show how the Crispy Chicken Sandwich looks!


“A succulent chicken patty topped with a crunchy mix of wild rocket leaves, shredded lettuce and tomato slices tucked between two soft semolina buns. Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, each chicken patty is made from 100% chicken breast meat and battered twice to lock in the meat’s moisture. “

(Information via McDonald’s Singapore press release)


Indeed, the semolina buns were soft and the chicken patty is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside! I liked the mix of vegetables inside the Crispy Chicken Sandwich too!

It’s great to see more new food menus coming up at McDonald’s, offering more choice and variety into their list of current burger selections. Let’s hope we can see more different food selections at McDonald’s in the future!

“The new Crispy Chicken Sandwich joins our selection of chicken burgers, providing customers yet more variety and choice – this is all done as we continue to listen and cater to our customers’ evolving tastes and preferences,” said Robert Hunghanfoo, Managing Director, McDonald’s Singapore.

“They’ve told us they would like a wider range of menu offerings and different types and cuts of fish and meat. Hence the focus on 100% chicken breast meat in the Crispy Chicken Sandwich. Last month, we launched the Breaded Salmon with Paella Spice Mix. Customers can expect to see more menu items inspired by insights from customer feedback, focus group discussions, and market research over the next few months. Limited Time Offers such as these allow us to gauge market reception, learn, and improve on our offerings. You said it, we made it.”

(Information via McDonald’s Singapore press release)

When you are visiting McDonald’s and would like to try something different, you can try the new Crispy Chicken Sandwich! Whilst stocks last!

*Press release information details courtesy of Golin and McDonald’s Singapore*

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